IBA Benelux is proud to continue to certify the following special IBA rides:

Special Rides Omschrijving
4 Corners Germany This IBA Benelux Special is ONLY for IBA Members and will bring you to the northernmost, southernmost, westernmost and easternmost points of Germany.
4 Corners Benelux This challenging IBA ride brings you to the corners of the Benelux, including the 3 geographic centers of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.
4 Corners Austria This IBA Benelux Special is ONLY for IBA Members and will bring you to the 4 Corners of Austria (A4C) takes you to the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly points of Austria, as well as to it’s geographical centre and several other interesting locations.
4 Corners Switzerland This IBA Benelux Special is ONLY for IBA Members and is a round trip through beautiful Switzerland. This ride not only leads to the 4 corner points, but also to the geographical center, as well as to the highest (accessible) and lowest point in Switzerland.
4 Corners Italy This IBA Benelux Special is ONLY for IBA Members and is a route to all corners of Italy. Good for a Bun Burner ride.
Beethoven - Ride (BTHVN) This ride is a theme ride and can be combined with a Saddle Sore 1600K ride and even used for your first IBA certified ride and receive your unique IBA number.
16/24 ride The 16/24 ride is a tour through all 16 German states.
This IBA Benelux Special 16/24 must be combined with an IBA ride of your choice. The 16/24 may also be ridden by Non IBA member e.g. as SS1600K - 16/24 to get an IBA number.
Belgian Beer Ride This IBA Benelux Special has 2 options to ride. A selection of the beer breweries in Belgian, for the silver certification you ride a Bun Burner 1500 and the gold version to ride the complete tour in a SaddleSore 1600 extreme.
Mille Miglia A special 1000 mile. The Mille Miglia is a roundtrip from Brescia via Rome back to Brescia. This legendary 1000 mile is a special one for your first certification.


Feel free to get inspired. Create your own Special Theme ride. Ride this ride and get it certified.