The SaddleSore 1000 Guidelines for Certification

Riders that successfully have a SaddleSore or Bun Burner ride certified receive a certificate, an Iron Butt Association pin and a plastic license plate back with our logo "Iron Butt Association - World's Toughest Riders."

Every time I read these guidelines, they seem overly complex. However, they were developed by one of our members involved in record keeping for various sporting events. There is no doubt that the documentation requirements for these certification are tough, but when you hang your certificate on the wall, you can rest easy knowing that we just don't hand these out to anyone. When the ride is over, you have survived not only a very tough ride, but you'll have the documentation to back up your claims. How many riders can say that?

When you read the following guidelines, keep in mind that our goal is to see a well documented ride. If you cannot follow the guidelines exactly, feel free to drop us a line with a proposal. We will be happy to review your plans and possibly accept changes to this format.

Michael Kneebone
Iron Butt Association


SaddleSore and Bun Burner rides

  • SS1000 is a SaddleSore ride of 1000 miles in 24 hours 
  • SS1600K is a SaddleSore ride of 1600 kilometers in 24 hours
  • BB1500 is Bun Burner of 1500 miles in 36 hours

A combination of the SS1000 and the BB1500 is possible for certification. For example, in the first 24 hours you ride 1,000 miles and then continue on the second day and ride another 500 miles or more.