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4 Corners Italy - I 4 Corners Italy - ITA4C 1

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Changed 2022-02-28

ITA4C - 4 Corners Italy

Italy is a separate country when it comes to shape. A 4 ride to the 4 corners of this boot is therefore a challenging ride and therefore falls into the IBA Extreme Rides category. The ride is at least 2650 kilometers long !!! but can be driven with a Bun Burner 1500M in 36 hours or SaddleSore 2000M in 48 hours.

Important: The ITA4C can only be ridden if you are already an IBA member and must be combined with an IBA Bun Burner or SaddleSore ride of your choice.
GOLD: For the extreme riders among us we also made a GOLD variant. This one leaves you a little further rider, we've added the highest motorable point in Italy and also the center of Italy where you can find a nice memorial.

In addition to the general IBA rules that can also be found on this website, the additional rules for this specific ride also apply.